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Happy Holidays?

Ok so the Interns managed to escape from their cage and have taken the opportunity to spend time with their families. 

We have begun to round them back up and get them back to work. 

The New year is Here and its time we moved forward. Once we have enough subscribers on Youtube we will start competitions and give-a-ways.

So if you have not subscribed to our Youtube Channel please do so now,

The More subscribers the better the Prizes we can give away!. 

Anyway we hope you have had a good christmas and look forward to 2013.. 


Update 04/07/12

Ok so, I have been asked many times about our team so today we sent the Anima-tron-cams around the office for a quick look. With that we have also Updated the "about" on our Website (

SoundPage currently being worked on and once all permissions come back we will be showcasing the "unsung" (forgive the pun) Talent that SoundCloud has to offer.

Also we are looking to expand our Staff. If you think you could improve our team and want to become part of our team then send us an email.

We dont just need writers and Musicians but we also could benefit from Voice Actors and mabey a Resident Video-Blogger or two.

Alot more to come and hopefully you will enjoy it all..



The Important News Blog Editor




900 visitors in 7 months.. Thanks for the support, new content coming soon.. We are still looking for people to join the staff part time or full time..

We still need,

More writers (to write the articles),

More Artists (to make some music for us),

More Voice Actors (to erm, voice act :S),

More Interns (to bring me coffee)

Most of all we need your continued support… We are running on low staffing numbers and zero budget.. If you want to help out, send us a message…

Thanks again, 

The Important News Blog Editor



What are you doing?

What are we doing?

Im glad you asked!

Articles are coming in thick and fast though many of which are written in crayon!. We are editing the Articles and also working on an Exclusive interview.

The Jeremy Kyle Show

Jeremy Kyle has a special guest on his show. David “Call me dave” Cameron will be appearing on the show and will be talking about very important matters.

This Interview will not be available anywhere else as its an Exclusive Interview commissioned by The Important News Blog.

The Interview will be recorded and then uploaded to our site -

The Important News Blog Editor


Voice Actors Needed!!

We need Some Voice actors for up and coming projects.. There are many different Parts and as long as you can record a clear MP3 then send us a message for a script.

(REQUIRMENTS - English speaking, MP3 Sound recording Format and good sence of humor)

Email us at: